• February, 12 2024

Do I turn off my oil furnace in summer?

This is one of those on the one hand, on the other hand, questions.

Some people naturally like to shut down the furnace with the arrival of spring. They’re saving money, and who can blame them?

But an inactive furnace is not always safe. Moisture caused by condensation and dampness is a threat, especially when it leads to rust and corrosion. An inactive system also attracts bugs, dirt, and soot.

There is a middle ground that will keep the furnace in shape with minimal expense.

Fill the tank with oil when spring arrives. Then run the furnace once a month to make sure everything is OK and no rust, bugs or other villains invaded the furnace. It should be in A-OK shape when winter arrives.
Still, this is not a one-size-fits-all all answer. Better that the homeowner reviews his spending and the savings that come from shuttering the furnace during warm weather. It’s a very individual call. We’ll be glad to help you work out the pros and cons if you want.

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