• March, 29 2024

Power goes off, then on, but now the furnace won’t work

Maybe you’ve had this problem: Your power goes out, sidelining your furnace. But when the power comes back on, the furnace doesn’t.

  • March, 11 2024

Maine to NYC: Get heat pumps

Worried that heat pumps can’t work well in New York winters? Look north to Maine, where heat pumps are selling like hotcakes...

  • February, 26 2024

A ductless heat pump adds value to unused space in home or business

Many New York properties have one of these: A space that lacks heating and air conditioning...

  • February, 12 2024

Do I turn off my oil furnace in summer?

This is one of those on the one hand, on the other hand, questions. Some people naturally like to shut down the furnace with the arrival of spring. 

  • January, 29 2024

Furnace: oil or gas?

Do you want your furnace to burn oil or gas? Your decision depends on personal preference and circumstances. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • January, 15 2024

Winter and water heater woes

A hot shower or bath is a great way to ward off winter’s chill, but what happens when the water stops heating? You can turn the heater thermostat up...