• March, 11 2024

Maine to NYC: Get heat pumps

Worried that heat pumps can’t work well in New York winters?

Look north to Maine, where heat pumps are selling like hotcakes, helping residents save money on utility bills and putting less stress on the environment. Maine residents have already exceeded the state’s goal for purchasing heat pumps, which are praised for their energy efficiency.

If it’s good enough for Maine, a heat pump is good enough for New York.

“Electrical heat pumps are the cheapest and most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool homes, and they do not emit the carbon pollution that is overheating the planet,” reports the New York Times.

These are two big reasons why heat pumps outsold gas furnaces in the United States for two years in a row.

Like Maine residents, New Yorkers are eligible for a $2,000 federal tax credit and state aid that significantly cut the purchase price of a heat pump.


How it works

A heat pump is a poor name for this device, which also can cool a home or business.

Briefly put, in winter the pump draws heat from the outside air and processes it through a compressor that makes it hotter, then pumps the warm air inside. In warm weather , it extracts warm air from indoors and pumps it outside, making the indoors cooler. Tests have shown heat pumps working well at temperatures of -13 degrees F and lower.

Heat pumps run on electricity, meaning there is no fuel to leak. More details

Elite HVAC installs heat pumps in businesses and homes in Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.