• March, 29 2024

Power goes off, then on, but now the furnace won’t work

Maybe you’ve had this problem: Your power goes out, sidelining your furnace. But when the power comes back on, the furnace doesn’t.

Coincidence? Probably not.

Here are some solutions you can try yourself to quickly get your family warm and happy again:

• Maybe the outage knocked your thermostat off-kilter. Check to make sure the thermostat is in the correct setting.

• Perhaps the outage tripped your breaker system and you need to flip the switch back to where it belongs.

• The furnace needs to be reset. Just as a reboot seems to solve many computer problems, a reset can bring a furnace back to life.

• Most furnaces have a yellow or red reset button that will restore their normal functions. Be sure to follow the instructions in your furnace’s manual.

• One more idea: Make sure your air filter is clean. A dirty filter will inhibit air flow and make a furnace stop.

If none of these measures work, it’s time to call a professional HVAC service to look for deeper problems in the control panel and elsewhere.

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