• November, 27 2023

Tips for good indoor air quality

Ventilation works best when it gets help from your heating and cooling system.

Contaminants multiply indoors when the heating or air conditioning is off. If you have a home or business, resist the temptation to minimize heating and air usage because you also will be minimizing ventilation.

A smooth-functioning HVAC will keep the air moving consistently.

If you have a business, for example, let the HVAC keep working for one or more hours after workers leave and turn it on an hour or two before they come to work. This keeps the air from becoming stuffy and unhealthy.

You can manage this with a smart thermostat which you can control and program remotely.

You also should consider cleaning the ductwork every few years – and do it immediately if you see mold growing on the air ducts or other HVAC parts, or if rodents and bugs have penetrated the ductwork.

Cleaning the ductwork will rid the system of these problems and also remove dust and debris that can slow the system, making it work harder and raising your utility bill.